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Abid Mushtaq is a Professional Magician & Entertainer based in london.  He has been preforming extensively for the last 18 years in more than 15 countries and has built up a solid reputation in the industry.

Nowadays, he is performing all over the UK at private, corporate and charity functions. He is also working with hotels and resturants. He is an expert in close-up magic as well as stage performance. He has great guts to handle the live audience. He has an ability to become the cause of popularity of an event with his memorable stunts.  
Whether you are holding a small party for twenty people or a function for two thousand, he guarantees to come up with a professional entertainment package that is suitable for your event, appropriate for your audience and excellent value for money.

Abid's magic is presentable to your family, friends or clients year after year and still you see something new. These stunts give them  something to talk about long after the event is over.

If you want to make your event uniquely memorable then Abid is the best choice.

To find out more about Abid’s entertainment packages contact Abid directly.
To hire Abid or request a quotation, please call or forward the details of your booking.