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What Abid Do ?
Close-up Magic

TV has popularised magic with small objects - cards, coins, rings, etc. But the camera lens cannot even hint at the thrill of experiencing this unique form of entertainment - live! It happens before your very eyes; it happens in your own hands!

Ideal for Corporate Dinners, Hotels and Restaurants this is Abid's favourite form of magic, it allows him to present the effects at close quarters. With the gags and one liners flowing fast along side the tricks you are guaranteed to be entertained.

Stage Magic

From the stages of Asian subcontinent to end the of europe, the theatres of London to full concert theatres of 2,000 people, audiences have witnessed the spellbinding artistry of Abid.

Abid grabs audience's imagination and leads them on a whirlwind tour of mind blowing stage illusion, sleight of hand, comedy, audience participation, flash, colour, theatre and of course, magic!

Balloon Modelling

Balloon Modelling Is a sure way to bring a smile to a child's face, in fact it brings a smile to the adults faces as well. Abid often gets asked by the Mums themselves "Can Mum have one as well Please?" =)

Puppet Show

Abid is an award winner puppeter in asian art festival. Ask him to perform somthing for your event.

Face Painting

Face painting is a fun and exciting addition to any party. Let me transform your little angels into little monsters, and vice versa!

Joker Clowns

We also offer Joker Clown services to make your parties full of fun.